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‘What Does It Mean to be Alone?’

Mineralwasser Kollektiv Sept 2020, DOCK11 Berlin

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A unique and immersive performance experience by performane company Mineralwasser for only one person at a time. Part world conference, part personal confession, part surreal dreamscape–the collective breaks and remakes understandings of the private and personal; the uniform, collective and public; and what it means to focus on one person at a time.

Mineralwasser Kollektiv is an international group of cross-disciplinary artists based in Berlin who work to construct situations grounded in performance, movement and community.

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MA SODA (Graduation Performance) Dec 2019, Ufer Studios Berlin

Within this liminal world, Rhyannon uses durational lighting, haze effects and quadraphonic sound to enhance notions of spatial boundaries and experiential states. Uniquely composed on her Satellite guitar using real time composition and free improvisation, Styles immerses the spectator; layering sound loops and frequencies to generate chorographic responses, expanding the relationship between performer and musician, body and object, space and time.

Concept, choreography and performance by Rhyannon Styles in collaboration with Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos (Sound).

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‘MW I’

Mineralwasser Kollektiv, Nov 2018 Ufer Studios Berlin

There are no questions. Yesterday we had an image of us at a dinner party: 20 people, 4 courses, 15 musical cues. In the middle we all started to explore collaboration. Jason was clear about it. Minna was clearer, and Bernardo clarified that it’s a meeting in space. Around a shapeshifting turntable we turned hesitation into heartbeats, proposals into sweat, claims and disclaimers into low tech special effects. See us detect what is the process of coming together. And that is valuable in itself.

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Sainsbury’s TU ‘Work It’

Rhyannon features in Sainsbury’s TU clothing brand new campaign which celebrates the working woman. Set to a spoken word piece by poet Sabrina Mahfouz, the 30-second spot showcases working women from all walks of life, backgrounds and abilities; including a trans journalist, a skateboarding CEO, a teacher, a football club director, and a campaigner.

The Body Shop

Rhyannon was chosen by The Body Shop to front ‘Stand Up Stand Out’, a campaign to give marginalised identities a platform and to promote diversity across the brand. Rhyannon recorded make-up tutorials, re-creating her favourite looks and gave an exclusive interview on why make-up matters to her.

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‘Help! I’m Addicted’

‘Help! I’m Addicted; A Trans Girls Self- Discovery & Recovery’ is a memoir by Rhyannon Styles published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in Nov 2021.

A raw, frank and practical guide to recovery from addiction and substance abuse from one of the stars of the trans community. In 2012, Rhyannon Styles began her gender transition and attended her first 12-step meeting – beginning two journeys that changed the course of her life. Using her personal narrative as a springboard for exploring addiction, recovery and LGBTQ+ mental health, Rhyannon writes with searing honesty about the complexity of her experiences. The book spans a range of addictions including alcohol, food, sex and relationships, the internet and narcotics, and highlights the ways in which addiction and the transition process can overlap. A first-of-its kind narrative and a powerful account of recovery, this book offers advice, hope and support for those struggling with addiction in its many forms.

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‘The New Girl’ is a memoir by Rhyannon Styles published by Headline.

In a time when the world is finally waking up to transgender people, Rhyannon opens up to us, holding nothing back in this heartbreakingly honest telling of her life. Through her catastrophic lows and incredible highs, Rhyannon paints a picture of what it’s like to be transgender in glorious technicolor. From cabaret drag acts, brushes with celebrity and Parisian clown school, Rhyannon’s story is like nothing you’ve read before.

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ELLE Magazine

From 2015 – 2017 Rhyannon was ELLE UK’s transgender columnist. ‘The New Girl’ documents her experiences of transitioning; from the awkward beginnings of navigating gendered changing rooms, telling her family that she identified as transgender and to finding love. In total she penned 32 columns and recorded 4 videos for ELLE TV. The video ‘Sister, you’re a lady now’ has been viewed over 140,000 times on YouTube. The media exposure catapulted Rhyannon into the spotlight, and she has become a prominent speaker on gender related topics.

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United Nations

Rhyannon is one of 8 transgender women photographed by queer photographer Eivind Hansen to help raise awareness around the UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign. Hansen’s emphasis on trans women highlights the fact that the worldwide life expectancy of trans women is only thirty-five years old, with trans women of colour facing the bulk of this violence.

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